Eyelash Care

Since our Mink Lashes are designed to hold 20-25 wears, we want our buyers to make sure they get their moneys worth! If you follow our list of do's and dont's, we guarantee your Lashes will last for a super long time and continue to look gorgeous! 



Clean your Lashes after every use (scroll down to see our Lash cleaning guide).

Keep your Lashes in their case when not in use.

Trim the very ends of the Lash band if the band is too long for your eye type.

Take tonnes of selfies when wearing your Lashes, you look fierce!



Try cleaning your Lashes with just a make-up wipe, this may result in you accidentally pulling the Lashes out of the Lash band.

Trim the ends of the Lashes themselves, this will completely ruin the style of Lash. 

Cut the Lash band into sections. As the Lashes are woven around the band, chopping it into sections will result in the Lashes falling out as you are damaging the binding.

Share Lashes with friends. Sharing is caring, but sharing your Lashes with a friend can lead to nasty eye infections (Unless you have cleaned them properly of course). 

Leave your Lashes out on the side. This can result in; Lashes gathering germs, Lashes been knocked onto the floor and becoming lost or even Lashes been trodden on or eaten by your dog! (Believe me, it has happened before..)

Forget to tag us on our Instagram Page in any of your Lash selfies. We want to see how amazing you look in our Lashes and you could also be featured on our page!


Our Lash Cleaning Guide

We recommend filling a small bowl with warm water with a dash of Micellar Water (or a similar product), then leaving your Lashes to soak for 5-10 mins. After they are soaked, gently massage the Lashes whilst they are still in the water to remove any excess Mascara/Make-Up. If there is still Lash glue on the Lashes you can use a pair of tweezers to gently pull away excess glue (should come off easy after a long soak).

At this point your Lashes should be clean, if they still have some hard to remove Make-Up/Mascara or Glue on them, then place your Lashes between a make-up wipe and gently pat/massage the Lashes.

When your Lashes are clean, place them in a small hand towel and gently pat them dry. Your Lashes should now be ready to go!