Brand Promoting

Here at Amber-Rose Lashes we are always looking for unique and vibrant individuals to promote our Lash and Cosmetics Collection. We hate using the word 'requirements' but unfortunately there are a few bits and pieces you will need in order to promote for us.


What are the 'Bits & Pieces' I need to be a Promoter?


Since our fan base was built on Instagram, Promoters must have an active Instagram account with a decent amount of followers. But what is a decent amount of followers? Our Lash Promoters generally have 2'000+ followers. However, if you have thousands of followers but your content is not appropriate for us, e.g; not make-up based, then unfortunately you won't be appropriate for our brand.

If you are not at the appropriate follower count, please don't be put off! If we can see your content is appropriate and your make up skills are on point then we will likely still be interested in working with you!


A massive interest in make-up & beauty, and also have good photography skills. For example:

Here is one of our top promoters @lilyywhite_


Another one of our top promoters, the super creative @robertrmakeup


If you think you've got what it takes, send us an email at (please include links to the appropriate social media profiles). Alternatively, you can message us directly on our Instagram Page amberroselashes.