Eyeliner Tattoos

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Introducing our temporary decal 'Eyeliner Tattoos'.

With a selection of five beauty related phrases;
-On Fleek

-I Woke Up Like This
-Beauty Queen

These transferable temporary tattoos are great for all you creative Dolls out there, and are a great pairing with Halloween coming up!

For the best selfie results, switch to the front camera and the text will read in the correct order (the tattoos are designed to be read by people who are looking at you).


Instructions for use
Step 1: Clean and dry the skin completely.
Step 2: Cut out the tattoo you like, then remove the transparent film.
Step 3: Place tattoo face down to the skin, always with the first letter starting at the inner corner and follow the curve of your eye.
Step 4: Rub and wet the tattoo completely with damp cloth or sponge.
Step 5: Peel the corner of the tattoo gently to check if it is transferred, if not, press down and wet again.

How to remove
The tattoos should easily come off with a warm cloth/sponge, if not try using some baby oil to help lift the tattoo.


If you have sensitive skin or a history of allergic reactions to temporary tattoos/ink/henna we suggest a skin patch test on the arm before applying to the eyelid.**

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