Glitter & Pigment Bundles

  • £10.00

Introducing our Glitter & Pigment Bundles!

Glitter Bundle
-Contains all four of our Glitters; Mermaid, Red Wine, Lemon Drop and Princess.
-Original price for £12.
-Bundle price £10.

Pigment Bundle
-Contains all six of our Pigments; Violet, Peaches, Blue Rose, Frost Bite, Blue Raspberry and Fairy Dust.
-Original price £21.
-Bundle price £15.

Sparkle Bundle
-Contains all six Pigments and all four Glitters.
-Original Price £33.
-Bundle Price £23.

Ultimate Amber-Rose Bundle
-Contains all six Pigments, all four Glitters and an Amber-Rose Brush Set.
-Original Price £48.
-Bundle Price £30.